I AM A CERTIFIED JUNGIAN ANALYST trained at the Jung Institute in Zurich, Switzerland and a licensed psychologist with a doctorate from Hahnemann University in Philadelphia. I have been in practice just short of forty years in Ardmore.

Having trained in Zurich at the institute founded by C. G. Jung himself in 1948 allowed me the good fortune to have as my mentors and teachers Jung’s own colleagues and students. They included Liliane Frey-Rohn, Marie-Louise von Franz, Jolande Jacobi, Barbara Hannah, Aniela Jaffé, C. A. Meier, Heinrich Fierz and James Hillman among others.

Since returning home from the Jung Institute in 1980 I have worked with clients from all over the world on a wide range of concerns from acute psychological or spiritual crisis to the heartfelt desire to explore their inner lives. Very often those initial crises become the doorway to the richness of the inner world.

As a psychologist I am committed to caring compassionately for my clients. Complementing this commitment is my long experience as a Jungian Analyst that enables me to facilitate the process of inner healing and growth that C. G. Jung called the process of individuation.

My therapeutic approach is guided by Jung’s crucial discovery that unlived life and the loss of meaning are often at the root of psychological and spiritual suffering. Our dreams, fantasies, spiritual longings and symptoms symbolically express this reality. Understanding the meaning of these products of our inner world can dramatically alleviate suffering and make possible a larger, more creative and spiritually satisfying life.

After decades of practice, I now know that the compassionate care of suffering coupled with symbolic understanding in a warm, collaborative dialogue is the only way to treat the whole person.